10 brands with an excellent ‘About Us’ page

From smug and self-involved to downright dull – the ‘About Us’ page on an internet site is definitely a tricky thing to obtain right.

Like the much-maligned FAQ page, it’s often left forgotten about.

This shouldn’t function as case. It presents an excellent possibility to inject some personality while promoting brand values.

So, what does a good ‘About Us’ page appear to be? I’ve had an instant scout going to discover the brands carrying it out well.

Here are 10 brilliant examples to motivate you.

Cambridge Satchel Company

Cambridge Satchel Company may appear just like the name of an ongoing business with real heritage, but having were only available in 2008 from your kitchen of founder Julie Deane, a lot of the brand’s appeal originates from its humble beginnings.

Its ‘About Us’ page highlights this to great effect.

It uses large photography and short and snappy copy to describe the business’s rapid path the success.

Despite being in the third-person, the tone is personal, and the references to ‘Julie’ appear to be they are from the friend or cherished one rather than stranger.

It’s not too in-depth either – users can elect to scan the timeline or click ‘Read More’ should they want.

It’s an excellent exemplory case of storytelling.

Instead of explaining the business’s values or product, it targets its successes, with the purpose of inspiring others. Type of like, ‘if Julie can perform it, so can you’.


Pret proves why even probably the most well-known brands must have an ‘About Us’ page.

Sure, the menu could be read by you or read plenty of information elsewhere, but this concise and conversational page lets you know all you have to to learn.

The copy is warm and friendly, using ‘we’ and ‘you’ to perfectly outline the brand’s dedication to fresh food.

Likewise, it effectively explains its charitable endeavours without sounding preachy or like it’s bigging itself up.

It’s simple, but like Pret’s wider strategy – it is also very effective.

Pact Coffee

One of the primary objectives of an ‘About Us’ page would be to create a brand seem human.

Pact Coffee does this by including a video of its founder explaining the business’s core values.

Not only does this offer you insight in to the man behind the brand, however the medium itself is quick and incredibly an easy task to digest.

well as conveying what the brand means

As, Pact takes the chance to focus on customers also.

By using copy like ‘we’re here to help’ – it highights its customer-centric values and prompts visitors to get in contact.


Dropbox explains its product in easy-to-understand and simple language through the entire entirety of its website.

In fact, it can this so effectively that it wouldn’t matter an excessive amount of if it didn’t have an ‘About Us’ page.

However, the chance is taken because of it to reassure users with visual stats.

This really helps to build credibility – drawing on social proof to instil rely upon consumers.

Of course, figures and facts can appear dull or characterless, but by including snapshots of employees and key people in the team, it reassures users that we now have actually humans behind the technology brand.


Instead of an ‘About Us’ page, workspace community WeWork includes a dedicated ‘Mission’ tab on its website.

Here it succinctly explains the brand’s core motivation.

Unlike other examples I’ve mentioned, it focuses far more on the goals it really wants to achieve still, than celebrating its previous successes rather.

Building on the motivational aspect, in addition, it directly lists the brand’s values.

There can be an argument because of this being truly a case of an excessive amount of ‘tell’ rather than enough ‘show’, however, it really is still a good way of weaving in information regarding the business’s personal commitments, such as for example employed in a tight-knit team and being grateful for success.


Notonthehighstreet is another brand that uses video to illustrate its story, by means of a two-minute advert specifically designed for its ‘About’ page.

Unlike a normal advert, it targets the way the basic idea for the brand came into being, bringing alive the story of its founders.

It cleverly builds on the brand’s reputation to be ‘unique’, extending this to how it describes its emails even.

With the promise that ‘our emails aren’t like other emails’ – it can an excellent job of selling itself.


Movember’s page is really a little childish – it overlays outlandish moustaches onto famous artwork – nonetheless it perfectly evokes the spirit and personality of the charity.

I particularly just like the fact that it really is functional, too, year including a handy menu in order to instantly reach a specific.

Likewise, in addition, it uses plenty of links to analyze and other helpful tips – thereby providing greater value for users.


Airbnb is another brand that uses stats to make a visual representation of its success.

For clients who might feel worried about residing in or hosting an Airbnb, it’s hard to disregard the 2m+ individuals who already do.

Striking an excellent balance between statistics and personal elements, it lists comprehensive detail concerning the co-founders of the business also.

The design is really a little lacklustre, however the credentials of individuals behind the business are impressive surely.


SourcedBox is really a subscription box service that delivers healthy snacks and guilt-free treats.

Founded by social influencers Marcus Butler and Niomi Smart, it cleverly runs on the YouTube video to illustrate the brand’s origins.

One thing that sticks out is that the ‘Our Story’ section isn’t separate or hidden elsewhere on the website.

Rather, it really is embedded in to the main homepage, with a good portion of user-generated content below it to greatly help prompt consumers to join up.

Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Lastly, Yellow Leaf Hammocks is among the most comprehensive ‘About Us’ pages on the market.

It’s another exemplory case of great storytelling, but rather of concentrating on the buyer or founder, it hones in on individuals who take advantage of the charity directly.

With integrated video and social media marketing buttons, it really is one of the better with regards to design also.

What’s more, it requires the chance to prompt readers to do this than simply passively consume the info rather.

It cleverly recognises that when folks are invested to learn to underneath of the page enough, it’s highly likely they’ll be keen to obtain involved.

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